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Here is a few words about myself…

I started in the world of IT back in 1997 as a trainee mainframe programmer, using Cobol and Natural at a company called OAG Worldwide.

By the year 2000 I had moved to the “Electronics Product Team” where I worked on providing a white labelled Flight Schedules Timetable system that was used by just under 100 international airports, like┬áSan Francisco, Copenhagen, and many more.

By 2005 I was reading up on Scrum for the first time and used it for a new flag ship product re-write.

In 2008 I moved to easyJet Airlines where I experienced Scrum with a large team and continued as a .Net developer until 2011 when I became a Scrum Master/developer for following year.

During 2012 I left my development days behind me and moved to a full time Scrum Master position, and I have been doing since ever since.

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